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Before you put your largest investment on the market, consider the following:

1.  Let us do a Seller's Consultation.  We'll go through the house, including the outside and yards, and recommend changes to help it move more quickly. Since we're "a new set of eyes," we can point out things that you may not have noticed.

2.  Remember that CLEAN IS EVERYTHING.  Buyers don't want to see a cluttered house that's got the "lived-in look."  What they want to see is a clean, sparely decorated house with lots of style.  In essence, buyers should say "Wow!" when they walk in.

3.  Get rid of anything that a  stranger might consider clutter.  Now is a great time to get a storage unit, hold a garage sale, donate items to a charity or just throw things out. When in doubt, throw it out!  Remember, your house needs to be wide-open, bright and airy, and clutter sabotages that look.

4.  Speaking of clutter, how's the outside?  If the yard has anything in it besides flowers and freshly-mowed grass, get rid of it. Remember that buyers don't want to buy junk piles.

5.  If there is anything inside or out that needs service, we can recommend professionals.  This includes painting, roof cleaning, trim repair, debris removal, fence/gate service, carpet cleaning and so on. We have tremendous resources at our disposal.

6.  Many buyers these days object to the smell of cigarette smoke, so smoke outside if possible.
Inside, have a candle or two from Bath and Body Works or Bed, Bath and Beyond burning in areas where odors from pets, etc. tend to accumulate.  The scent should be soft and understated.  The object is that buyers immediately pick up on a nice, non-overpowering smell right away.

7.  Speaking of great smells, consider picking up a few tubes of ready-to-bake cookie dough and whipping up a batch of cookies-- in YOUR oven-- just before buyers arrive.  Not only will they enjoy a plate of home-made cookies, the smell of cookies will permeate the house.  Positive reaction guaranteed.

8.  Silence is NOT golden!  Upscale department stores and boutiques play soft classical, jazz or eclectic music.  Why?  Ambiance.  Shoppers relax, view the merchandise more favorably, and are generally impressed by the combination of sound and what they see. This "background noise" allows buyers to talk without feeling like they're going to be overheard, plus it adds a wonderful, upscale presence to the house.

9.  If a room needs a paint job, either take a weekend and do it or we can recommend professionals.  Don't be afraid to pick out one wall and paint it an accent color.  For inspiration, pick up a copy of "Southern Living" or "Better Homes and Gardens."  Copy the techniques found in these magazines and buyers will immediately think two things:  First, the house is beautiful. Second, the owners (you) have excellent taste!

10.  How's the roof?  Ah, yes, the roof. If it's covered in black mold, we can recommend professionals who can clean it at minimal cost.  Buyers look at roofs and so do their inspectors!

11.  Leave the windows open for an hour or two on days when buyers are coming (weather permitting!) so the house will be full of fresh air.  Also consider turning on lights in each room and opening the drapes or blinds.  Buyers love open, airy rooms.
We hope these suggestions are useful.  We're always happy to tailor our suggestions to your particular property.

Bob Greeley
ASHI Certified Inspector
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Welcome!Photo GallerySample Home Inspection Report